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well done this game is fine for the jam you just added it too any scares qualify it, good luck

Thank you so very much for playing and for the feedback! <3



it has a lot of good points to it. 

simple easy to get (first chapter) story, simple cut scenes that introduce you to the game,  music that suits the mood, and helps set it up, simple mechanics, and controls, nothing complicated. a nice, fun level.

how i felt as i played it, it was fun, i felt like it was worth my time playing it.(even though, i don't really usually play this type of games much (or at all really ))

the game is still in its very early stages and it has a lot of potential(in my humble opinion, at least, i can safely say, that i would play it), i really hope the developer keeps working on it.

Thank you so much for playing our demo and also for the feedback! :)
It's great to hear that you had fun playing it, that's the most important part to us.
We will do our best on our next release (should it push through) and we will try to enhance the game as best as we could with the help of your pointers.

Thanks again and have a lovely day~