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Plot Summary:

Due to a social experiment-turned-challenge, six friends camp out in the woods to win a prize and to prove that their friendship is solid. With only their sleeping bags in hand, they are to spend one night in a faraway forest said to be filled with CCTVs for tracking their status. Little do they know that they were set up for something horrific that will decide who will survive and who should be left to die… in a tragic encounter they surely will never forget.

Project Status: In development

Genre: Tactical Turn-based, Adventure, Horror/Dark, Single-Player
Platform: 2D
Art Style: Japanese (manga/anime style)
Language: English

  • Contains Colored Manga cutscenes
  • Conversation System
  • Quicktime Events
  • 6 Playable Characters with Backstories
  • 50 different stories
  • 2-3 endings per Story (Hero Route: Easy and/or Difficult; Traitor Route: Devilish)

Target Audience: Ages 13 and up



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